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Email wasn't built to manage spot freight.

SweetSpot is a lean, simple spot freight management system. It's fast and easy to use, saving you time and money. Let us do the heavy lifting.

$199/month per user

SweetSpot. Save.

1, 2, 3 Go to post your first load. It only takes a minute to read... which is about how long it takes to register and get your first load posted on SweetSpot.

break free!


SweetSpot is SIMPLE. No more cascades of emails, texts, and phone calls to get your spot freight on the road. Just register, enter your carriers, and start shipping!

Your TMS shouldn't break the bank.

SweetSpot is a lean, cutting-edge TMS for spot freight.

No nonsense. Just your carriers moving your freight.

Simple. Smart. SweetSpot.

shouldn't break the bank

We're truckers at heart.

We want you to have a great experience managing your spot freight while using our software.

truckers at heart
truckers at heart

Did we mention... It's easy.

Create a spot bid request in seconds. Then, sit-back and allow your carriers to begin submitting bids on your loads. When you get one you are happy with, click 'accept' and then high five the monitor. It's that easy.